Class Actions

Court documents filed in class actions / representative proceedings currently before the Court, such as the application, the statement of claim and the defence, are added to this page. Documents are also available from the Applicant's lawyers websites and available for inspection from any Registry of the Federal Court.

Accessibility note: Documents are published in PDF and Word. If you are unable to read this format, please contact the Website Manager to request an alternative format.

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Stillwater Pastoral Company Pty Ltd ACN 101 400 668 V Stanwell Corporation Ltd ACN 078 848 674 & anor


Orders (PDF, 641 KB)13 July 2023
Opt-out notice (PDF, 191 KB)13 July 2023
Opt-out notice (DOCX, 34 KB)13 July 2023
Applicant's amended reply (PDF, 647 KB)28 April 2023
Applicant's amended reply (PDF, 524 KB)28 April 2023
Respondent's amended defence (PDF, 1 MB)27 March 2023
Respondent's amended defence (PDF, 1.3 MB)20 March 2023
Further amended statement of claim (PDF, 7 MB)9 December 2022

Williams v Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (ACN 009 686 097)


Orders (PDF, 900 KB)16 May 2022
Notice (PDF, 161 KB)16 May 2022

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (ACN 009 686 097) v Kenneth John Williams & Anor


Judgments12 May 2023
Orders (PDF, 350 KB)12 May 2023
Judgments27 March 2023
Orders (PDF, 88 KB)27 March 2023

Jaewon Choi & Anor v Hodgson Faraday Pty Ltd Limited & Ors


Opt out notice (PDF, 264 KB)10 November 2021
Opt out notice - Korean translation (PDF, 2.8 MB)11 November 2021
Further amended originating application (PDF, 447 KB)19 December 2019
Third further amended statement of claim (PDF, 591 KB)19 December 2019
Defence (PDF, 553 KB)21 September 2016
Defence (PDF, 585 KB)14 June 2019
Defence (PDF, 393 KB)19 June 2020
Reply (PDF, 341 KB)7 August 2020

Geoffrey Peter Davis & Anor v Quintis Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (Voluntary Administrators)


Settlement Notice (PDF, 161 KB)16 June 2022
Annexure A - Settlement notice (DOCX, 36 KB)21 April 2020
Orders (PDF, 389 KB)18 June 2019
Annexure A: Opt out and registration notice (PDF, 237 KB)18 June 2019
Annexure B: Opt out notice (PDF, 226 KB)18 June 2019

Excel Texel Pty Ltd (as trustee for the Mandex Family Trust) v Quintis Ltd


Settlement Notice (PDF, 125 KB)16 June 2022
Annexure A - Settlement notice (DOCX, 37 KB)21 April 2020
Orders (PDF, 384 KB)18 June 2019
Annexure A: Opt out and registration notice (PDF, 242 KB)18 June 2019
Annexure B: Opt out notice (PDF, 234 KB)18 June 2019

Rachael Abbott v Zoetis Australia Pty Ltd


Schedule A: Opt out notice (PDF, 1.6 MB)25 October 2019

Larry Crowley v Worley Parsons Limited ACN 096 090 158


Opt-out and claim registration notice (PDF, 311 KB)30 Nov 2017
Sealed orders (PDF, 8.3 MB)30 Nov 2017