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The Admiralty and Maritime NPA incorporates proceedings that relate to admiralty or maritime disputes including:

Oar Mace 
The Oar Mace of Admiralty 

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Recent Judgments - Federal Court

  • 21 Sep 2022: Yamba Shipping Pty Ltd v Australian Maritime Safety Authority [2022] FCA 1124
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Judicial review - procedural fairness - review of decision of National Regulator to refuse to grant exemption to operate under Marine Safety (Temporary operations) Exemption 2020 - whether matters considered by decision-maker needed to be drawn to applicant's attention - whether issues arising "obvious or natural" - whether…
    Judge: Sc Derrington J
  • 19 Sep 2022: Ixom Operations Pty Ltd v Blue One Shipping SA [2022] FCA 1101
    ADMIRALTY - demise charter - where owner not a party to contract of carriage evidenced by bill of lading - where extensions to limitation period on bringing a claim over contaminated cargo given to the consignee of the cargo by lawyers acting for both owner and demise charterer of vessel - where consignee only brought proceedings initially against …
    Judge: Burley J
  • 6 Sep 2022: Poralu Marine Australia Pty Ltd v MV Dijksgracht [2022] FCA 1038
    SHIPPING AND NAVIGATION - where cargo allegedly damaged - limitation of liability - applicable scheme - where Arts 1-8 of the Hague Rules incorporated into booking note contract - where Art 9 of the Hague Rules not incorporated - where booking note contract provided that carrier's liability shall not exceed f100 per package - where booking note…
    Judge: Stewart J

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Form & Rules

The key forms and rules for commencing these proceedings are:

Actions in rem


Actions in personam


Arresting a Vessel

Generally applications for arrest of a vessel are urgent and made to the Duty Registrar in the relevant registry.

Admiralty Marshals are available to arrest a vessel anywhere in Australia at any time on any day of the year.


The admiralty and maritime work of the Court is not limited to proceedings under the Admiralty Act and Admiralty Rules, see also:

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