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Electronically lodge documents

Using eLodgment you can:

  • Lodge court documents including initiating and supporting documents on new or existing files
  • Receive stamped, ‘service ready’ documents
  • Monitor the progress of your lodgments
  • View the history of your lodgments.

Commonwealth Courts Portal

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Registered user access to your court files including documents and listing events

Using the Commonwealth Courts Portal, you can:

  • View your files with the Court
  • Filter files to only show what you are working on
  • See recent activity on your files including documents lodged by other parties (unless the documents are suppressed)
  • Set up notifications via email of activity on your files
  • View a court diary for your files
  • View court events, orders, judgments and documents lodged on specific files
  • Share access with barristers or others involved in the case.

Read How to Register for information on the registration process.


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Online courtroom for the hearing of some matters in a virtual environment between registered users

eCourtroom can be used for:

  • ex parte applications for substituted service in bankruptcy proceedings
  • applications for examination summonses
  • giving of directions and other orders in general federal law matters
  • mediations.

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