Access to Transcript

A party involved in a proceeding (or person representing an involved party), a non-involved party and the media may purchase the whole, or a part, of a transcript in a proceeding from the Court's authorised transcript provider, VIQ Solutions (formerly Auscript), unless the Court has ordered or directed that a transcript:

  • is, in whole or in part, confidential or the subject of restrictions on access or
  • may not be published or reproduced without leave of the Court.

A transcript of the Court's draft judgment or orders in a proceeding cannot be supplied by VIQ Solutions.

Copyright in all transcripts belongs to the Commonwealth of Australia and, subject to the Federal Court Rules 2011 (Cth) and any order or direction of the Court. Transcripts cannot be shared between parties or distributed to any other recipients.

A party or person must not use a recording device for the purpose of making a transcript or record of the evidence or submissions at a hearing.

Accessing audio

Recordings of Federal Court proceedings are not available other than by order or direction of the Court.

Microsoft Teams recordings are not available other than by order of the Court. 

How to access transcript

Transcript is ordered directly through VIQ Solutions (formerly Auscript) on their website.

Upon receiving the application, VIQ Solutions will check whether there is any restriction on the release of the transcript, if there is no restriction, then the transcript will be provided to the applicant on payment of the specified fees.


Charges for transcripts are set by VIQ Solutions and are detailed on the forms.

VIQ Solutions (formerly Auscript) contact details

Further information, including terms and conditions can be obtained from VIQ Solutions:

Phone: 1800 287 274
Website:VIQ Solutions

Yes - VIQ Solutions will advise

Updated 1 June 2023