News & Events

06 April 2021: Update of Online File
Ben Roberts-Smith v Fairfax

29 March 2021: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Court updates
Changes to services and building access

29 March 2021: Christian Porter v ABC
The online file has been updated.

19 March 2021: New Appointment
Judicial Registrar

15 March 2021: New Speech by Justice Banks-Smith
Delivered at the Quayside Chambers Oration, Perth Concert Hall.

22 February 2021: ASIC v Caddick
The online file has been updated.

16 February 2021: New Appointments
Judicial Registrars

25 January 2021: Update to Federal Court Form
Update to Form CP20 - Summons to attend for jury service.

26 November 2020: New Practice Information Note APP 1:
Case Management of Full Court and Appellate Matters

13 November 2020: Update of Online File
In the matter of Virgin Australia

06 November 2020: Federal Court Forms
Update to Form 26 - Summary of the document to be served

02 November 2020: Event: AMTAC Annual Address 2020
Wednesday, 18 November 2020, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (AEDT)

02 November 2020: New Speech by Justice Sarah Derrington
Online seminar, Australian Academy of Law "World in a Box"

14 September 2020: New Speech by Justice Rares
Opening remarks, AIJA Online Conference Series

07 September 2020: Live Chat
Now available for Federal Court.

21 August 2020: The Online File has been updated
Friends of Leadbeater's Possum v VicForests

20 August 2020: Independent Review report
Relating to Migration Act data breach

20 July 2020: Return of public search
For migration and appeal matters

06 July 2020: Public Notice
Ensuring a safe working environment for all staff

06 July 2020: Statement
from Chief Justice Allsop

02 July 2020: Update of Online File
Rush v Nationwide News

19 June 2020: Special Measures Note in Response to COVID-19
SMIN-4: Court Attendance

19 June 2020: New Speech by Justice Perry
Statements of reasons: Issues of legality and best practice

17 June 2020: Annual Fee Changes
From 1 July 2020.

15 June 2020: Federal Court New Filings Lists

02 June 2020: Seminar: Cruise Ships, COVID-19 and Consumers
Tuesday, 23 June via Microsoft Teams

29 May 2020: Federal Court scam alert
Fraudulent emails and phone calls

25 May 2020: Federal Law Search
Search for Bankruptcy, Admiralty and Native Title restored.

18 May 2020: Federal Law Search
Search for Bankruptcy, Admiralty and Native Title restored.

08 May 2020: S 91X Migration Act Independent Review
Terms of reference

28 April 2020: Notice of Independent Review
Relating to s91X Migration Act

01 April 2020: Federal Law Search
Change to public access

31 March 2020: Migration matters in the Commonwealth Courts Portal
(Federal Law Search)

23 March 2020: Our Counters are Closed, but We’re Still Working
From Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

22 May 2018: Registrars and Registrar Titles
An NCF update