Corporate Plan 2020

Covering the reporting period 2020-21 to 2023-24

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Guidance for the use of the Corporate Plan 

The Federal Court of Australia Corporate Plan is the entity’s overarching primary planning document. The Court’s planning framework is modelled on the Commonwealth Performance Framework.

The Portfolio Budget Statements (usually published in May) outline our proposed allocation of funds to achieve our stated outcomes. This year that process has been delayed due to COVID-19, with the budget moved to October 2020. Due to this, there is no resource information available to publish in this plan.

The Corporate Plan (published in August) is a non-financial strategic planning document. It sets out our purpose, the activities we will undertake to achieve our purpose, and the results we expect to achieve over the next four years. It also includes discussion on our operating environment, our capability, our stakeholders and our management of risk.

The Annual Performance Statement (published in October the following year) is produced at the end of the reporting cycle and provides an assessment of how successful we have been in achieving our purpose. It includes results against planned performance in both the Portfolio Budget Statements and the Corporate Plan. The Annual Performance Statement for the entity is included in the Federal Court’s annual report.

The Corporate Plan outlines the strategic direction, goals, challenges and priorities for each of the Federal Court of Australia (Federal Court), the Family Court of Australia (Family Court), the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (Federal Circuit Court), the National Native Title Tribunal, Commonwealth Courts Corporate Services and Commonwealth Courts Registry Services.

The Corporate Plan was developed in conjunction with the following reference material:

  • Resource Management Guide 131: Developing good performance information
  • Resource Management Guide 132: Corporate plans for Commonwealth entities
  • Auditor-General Report No. 14 2019–20: Commonwealth Resource Management Framework and the Clear Read Principle.

The Corporate Plan covers the following topics and themes:

  • entity structure
  • strategic themes
  • operating context
  • environment
  • capability
  • cooperation
  • risk, and
  • performance.

This is a living document that is reviewed and updated each year.