APS Employee Census

The APS employee census is an annual survey which is used to collect confidential attitude and opinion information from APS employees on important issues in the workplace.

The survey is sent to all APS employees and is an opportunity for employees to tell the APS Commissioner and agency heads what  they think about working in the APS.

The Federal Court Entity Highlights Report (pdf, 1 MB) provides a summary of the collective results of the Federal Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and the National Native Title Tribunal.

Our results reflect a passionate and dedicated workforce who value their colleagues, and who believe strongly in our objectives and values and those of the broader APS. Our results tell us that: 

  • Our staff are committed to delivering high-quality work, by wanting to go the extra mile (91% agree).
  • Our staff are proud to work in our agency (81% agree, up 5 percentage points from 2022).

There are several opportunities for us to focus on, especially in the areas of wellbeing and work practices, staffing and resources, internal communication, administration and rewards and recognition.

We  have continued the conversation on our results through a series of collaborative workshops and the development of an action plan (PDF, 155 KB). This will guide our organisations in identifying and celebrating what's working well, while acknowledging where we can improve, and highlighting pragmatic actions to take forward to make our workplace the best it can be.

More information about the census and other participants can  be found on the APS Employee Census website.


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