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Disclaimer statement

This manual has been prepared for the information and guidance of Marshals of the Federal Court of Australia. The manual is a general guide only which may be applied or adapted by Marshals during their day-to-day activities as they see fit. The manual should not be regarded as a set of rules which is binding on the Marshal.

The manual is made available to users of the Court’s services for general information only and is provided on the understanding that neither the Court nor the Commonwealth of Australia is providing professional advice in relation to the practice and procedure of the arrest and sale of ships. Users must exercise their own judgement and carefully evaluate the information provided for accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for the purpose for which it is to be used. The information in the manual is not a substitute for independent professional advice relevant to user’s particular circumstances.

Please note that the manual is updated periodically and is current as at the date of last revision. Some of the information will, therefore, change from time to time since the Marshal’s practices are under constant review and are revised when appropriate. The Annexures referred to throughout the manual are the precedent documents used by the Marshals. These documents are subject to constant revision and are intended only for internal usage.

The Marshal’s Manual is revised and updated periodically. Any comments should be directed to:
Deputy Registrar (Admiralty and maritime)
Federal Court
Law Courts Building
Queens Square