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Forms and guides

Follow these steps to get admiralty forms and guides to help you complete the most commonly used forms.

  1. Identify the form you require from the table below (for example, Form 15).
  2. Fill out the form and save and print out the form on your own computer.

A filing fee applies to some admiralty forms. If you cannot afford this fee you may be able to ask the Court to exempt you from having to pay it or to defer the time for its payment. You can get a form to ask the Court to either exempt or defer payment and information about the circumstances where an exemption or deferral can be given on the Exemptions and deferral of fees page or from the Registry.

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Filing and fees

The fee for starting a proceeding under the Admiralty Act in the Federal Court is set by the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court Regulation 2012. *

The Regulations also provide that the fee for a Marshal serving a writ or executing an arrest warrant is an amount equal to the amount of any expenses reasonably incurred by that officer in the service or execution, or attempted service or execution, of the writ or warrant, together with a charge calculated at the hourly rate of salary payable to an officer of the Court who is involved in the service or execution or attempted service or execution.

The cost of a Marshal retaining safe custody of a ship or property (including carrying out a judicial sale or performing other functions) is calculated at the hourly rate of salary payable to the Marshal plus a 20 per cent loading for overheads. It also includes an 'on call allowance' paid to the Marshal. The amount of any expenses reasonably incurred, such as berthing fees and other charges, must also be paid to the Marshal.

Under the Admiralty Rules, a Marshal is entitled to make one or more demands for interim payments on account of the Marshal's fees and expenses. In most cases, a Marshal will seek a payment prior to the arrest of a vessel.

* Note 1- Fees in Schedule 1 of the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court Regulation 2012:

Please note that fees in Schedule 1 are adjusted from time to time; please check the current fees on this website or confirm with the Registry prior to lodging your documents.