The Hon David John O'Callaghan

Judge, Federal Court of Australia: 1.02.2017
Location: Melbourne

Justice O’Callaghan was educated at the University  of Melbourne and Yale University.

Between 1982 and 1983, he was Associate to the Hon.  Justice Keely of the Federal Court of Australia, before moving to the United  States to practise at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York (1985) and Wiggin  & Dana in Connecticut (1998-2000).

He signed the Roll of the Victorian Bar in 1986 and was  appointed Senior Counsel in 2003.  While  at the Bar, he practised widely in federal and state jurisdictions, appearing in  trial and appellate matters involving corporations law, trade practices law,  revenue law, franchising law, equity, mining, energy and resources law and  constitutional law.  He was the Senior  Vice-President of the Victorian Bar Council (2015-2016), Chair of the Victorian  Bar Education and Professional Development Committee (2013-2016), Member and Chair  of the Readers’ Course Sub-Committee (2010-2016) and a director of Barristers’  Chambers Limited (2013-2015).

Between 1996 and 1998 he was a Senior Research  Affiliate and Visiting Lecturer at Yale Law School and he is currently a Senior  Fellow at Melbourne Law School.