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The contacts listed below are for inquiries relating to federal law matters in the Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court.

If your enquiry is relating to a family law matter, please email

Filing of matters

Inquiries relating to the filing of federal law matters should be directed to the Registry in the state in which the case will be lodged. Links to Registries are in the menu on the left.

Progress of a case

Information regarding the progress of a case can be obtained by searching Federal Law Search, or directed to the Registry which is hearing the matter.

Administrative matters

Inquiries regarding the overall administrative functions of the Court including human resources, financial management, information technology support and property management should be directed to Corporate Services

General inquiries including website feedback

Please send to Do not send queries regarding the filing of matters before the Court to this email address - send to the Registry in which the case has been or will be lodged. Links to District Registries are in the menu on the left.


Federal Court inquiries from journalists are to be directed to the Director Public Information.

Role of the Registries

The Registries provide operational support to the judges in each state, as well as registry services to legal practitioners and members of the public. The registries receive court and related documents, assist with the arrangement of court sittings and facilitate the enforcement of orders made by the Court.

The registries of the Federal Court are also registries for the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in relation to federal law matters.

Most Registries are also registries for the Australian Competition Tribunal and the Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal. The Queensland, South Australian, Western Australian and Northern Territory District Registries are registries for the High Court. The Tasmanian Registry provides registry services for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The Registry of the Copyright Tribunal is located in the New South Wales Registry of the Court.