FAQs - Payment Options

Note: (eC)= eCourtroom | (eL) = eLodgment

Do I need to pay to use eLodgment / eCourtroom?

(eC & eL)  NO - there are no fees for using the applications. There, are however, fees attached to particular document types filed via eLodgment which are payable by either credit card or account.

How do I pay filing fees for documents lodged via eLodgment?

(eL) You can pay the associated document fees by either credit card or account. If you cannot afford this fee you may be eligible to apply to the Court to have the fee exempted.

Do I need to set up a credit account to use eLodgment?

(eL) No – you can pay any associated fees by credit card.

How do I set up credit account facilities with the Court?

(eL) You need to apply to the Court's Finance Section to set up credit facilities. There is further information and an application form on the eLodgment page.

Will our pre-existing account facility be automatically transferred to eLodgment?

(eL) Yes, if you have a pre-existing account it will be transferred. The account information will be attached to the username during the processing of the registrations.

How do I ask the Court to exempt fees and in what circumstances can this be done?

(eL) You need to file a completed application for exemption from payment of court fees, along with supporting documentation at the payment section for your lodgment. Your application may be put to pending while being assessed by a Judicial Registrar or an authorised officer. You will be notified when your application has been accepted or returned to you for payment if the application for exemption is unsuccessful.

There are various circumstances where a person is entitled to an exemption from fees. As these change from time to time it is best to check the Federal Court or Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia websites for an up-to-date list of circumstances.

If my documents are rejected and I've paid the associated filing fees how do I get a refund?

(eL) If you have paid by Account the amount will not be credited to your account unless the documents are accepted.

If you have paid the fees by Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa) the amount will be refunded directly to the card used for the payment. If you have used AMEX the amount will be refunded into a nominated Bank Account.

Refunding of Fees may take a couple of days to process before they appear on your statement.

I'm lodging documents from overseas what currency will I be charged in?

(eL) All fee transactions within eLodgment are in Australian Dollars (AUD$).

Revised August 2014