Online courtroom (for registered users)

eCourtroom is a an online courtroom used by Judges and Registrars to assist with the management and hearing of some matters before the Federal Court of Australia or Federal Circuit Court of Australia (previously the Federal Magistrates Court). Such matters include: ex parte applications for substituted service in bankruptcy proceedings and applications for examination summonses, however eCourtroom may also be used for the purpose of the giving of directions and other orders, in general Federal Law matters.

eCourtroom is integrated with eLodgment, providing parties with a link between eCourtroom and eLodgment to facilitate the electronic filing of documents.

A transcript facility provides a record of all messages posted by the presiding Judicial Officer and the parties in any matter that is conducted on eCourtroom. This transcript is viewable by parties as well as the public. However, documents posted or filed can be viewed by the parties to the action only, the Judicial Officer and other Court officers.

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