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The Administrative and Constitutional Law and Human Rights National Practice Area (NPA) comprises:

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Latest Judgments

  • 13 Jan 2017: Selia v Commonwealth of Australia [2017] FCA 7
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Judicial Review - Professional Services Review Scheme under Part VAA of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) - where Professional Services Review Committee found applicant dentist engaged in "inappropriate practice" as defined in s 82 - meaning of "initiating" in s 82 - where applicant billed Medicare for dental services in…
    Judge: Perry J
  • 9 Jan 2017: Save Beeliar Wetlands (Inc) v Commissioner of Main Roads [2017] FCA 4
    ENVIRONMENT LAW - approval granted under s 130(1) and s 133 of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) to the Commissioner of Main Roads in Western Australia for the carrying out construction works which adversely affects the habitat of the black cockatoos at the site of the works - approval given subject to the…
    Judge: Siopis J
  • 9 Jan 2017: Salama v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2017] FCA 2
    MIGRATION - cancellation of visa under s 109 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) - online visa application form - where appellant answered "divorced" to question as to relationship status - whether Tribunal erred in considering whether the appellant's answer was "incorrect" within the meaning of s 101 - whether answer of "married" on online visa…
    Judge: Perry J

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Forms & Rules

The key forms and rules for commencing proceedings are:

Administrative Law:

  • An application for judicial review under ss 39B(1) and (1A) the Judiciary Act:


  • Form 69 – Originating application for relief under Section 39B of the Judiciary Act 1903


  • An application for judicial review under the ADJR Act:


  • Form 66 - Originating application for judicial review


  • An appeal on a question of law from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Superannuation Complaints Tribunal or National Native Title Tribunal:


  • Form 75 – Notice of appeal from a tribunal


Constitutional Law:

  • An application arising under the Australian Constitution or its interpretation:


  • Form 18 – Notice of a constitutional matter under s 78B of the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth)


Human Rights:


  • Form 116 – Originating application under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
  • Form 59 – Affidavit
  • Form 17 – Statement of claim


Self-Represented Litigants

If you are starting a matter or a person has started a matter against you and you do not have legal representation and are conducting the matter and acting for yourself then you are called a self-represented litigant.

The Court has developed a number of resources to assist litigants including:

Interpreters & Translators

The Australian Government's Translating and Interpreting Service can supply telephone or on-site interpreting.

It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is accessible from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call by telephoning 131 450. 

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