Bankruptcy Guide

Forms and guides

1. Identify the form you require from the table available on the forms page (for example, Form B6 of the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016).

2. Click on the name of the form (for example, Creditor’s Petition). This link takes you to a new page from where you can download the form and in most instances, a guide to help you fill it out.

3. You can then fill out, save and print out the form or guide on your own computer.


A filing fee applies for filing some bankruptcy forms.

If you cannot afford this fee, you may be able to ask the Court to exempt you from having to pay it or to defer the time for its payment. You can get a form to ask the Court to either exempt or defer payment and information about the circumstances where an exemption or deferral can be given on the Exemptions and deferral of fees pages or from the Registry.

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