Justice Perram - Speeches & Papers

Constitutional principles and coherence in statutory interpretation
Delivered at the La Trobe Law School Symposium on the coherence of statutory interpretation by Justice Perram.
11 Nov 2016

Issues in recognition and enforcement of foreign insolvency judgments - An Australian perspective
Delivered to the Judicial Insolvency Network Conference, Singapore by Justice Perram.
10 Oct 2016

Tax reform political parties and the prisoners' dilemma: address to the Treasury
Address to the Treasury by Justice Perram.
29 Aug 2013

General principles of law in civilian legal systems: what lessons for Australian administrative law?
Speech delivered at the AGS Administrative Law Symposium by Justice Perram.
21 Jun 2013

Project Blue Sky: invalidity and the evolution of consequences for unlawful administrative action
Speech delivered to the Australian Institute of Administrative Law by Justice Perram.
20 Nov 2012

The origins and present operation of the action in devastavit
Presented by Justice Perram to the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.
16 May 2012

Presentation to the Government Solicitors Conference
Speech by Justice Perram.
01 Sep 2010

Context and complexity: some reflections by a new Judge
Presented to the Challis Taxation Discussion Group, by Justice Perram.
06 Aug 2010

2009 State of the Profession address
Presented at the NSW Young Lawyers’ Civil Litigation Committee Address, by Justice Perram.
27 Aug 2009

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