Justice Logan - Speeches & Papers

A farewell to arms by the Australian senior judiciary?
A speech delivered at New South Wales Tri-Service Legal Panel Dinner/ Law Society House by Justice Logan.
03 May 2024

Remarks by Justice J A Logan at the International Conference on Comparative Law 2024
Delivered at the 2024 Amity Law School, India in collaboration with School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
09 Feb 2024

Judicial accountability – new developments and threats
Paper delivered at the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Conference by Justice Logan.
08 Mar 2023

Revenue law and practice in Papua New Guinea
A paper presented at The Papua New Guinea Centre for Judicial Excellence/ University of Papua New Guinea by Justice Logan.
22 Feb 2023

"March in the guilty bastard"? - Administrative action and military discipline
Paper delivered to the Advanced Military Administrative Law Course, University of Adelaide.
28 Oct 2022

Deadly sins and handy hints of statutory interpretation
Commentary delivered at the Workshop conducted by Bar Association of Queensland, South Pacific Region Legal Education Committee – Deadly Sins and Handy Hints of Statutory Interpretation
30 May 2022

Keeping the peace of the realm
Remarks on the Launch of “Keeping the Peace of the Realm” authored by Sam White, University of Adelaide Law School
29 Apr 2022

Expert Evidence in Taxation Appeals
Paper delivered by Justice Logan at the Taxation Institute of Australia National Infrastructure Conference entitled: “Expert Evidence in Taxation Appeals”
29 Apr 2022

The rule of law, economic development, and peace and welfare and good government
Sir Buri Kidu Lecture delivered at The University of Papua New Guinea by Justice Logan.
16 Mar 2022

The efficient disposal of cases after COVID-19
Presented virtually at the Commonwealth Magistrates' and Judges' Association, by Justice Logan.
13 Sep 2021

Administrative discharge in lieu of military disciplinary proceedings - Supportive or subversive of a military justice system?
Delivered at the Queensland Tri-service Reserve Legal Officers' Panel Training Day, Brisbane, by Justice Logan.
16 Nov 2018

Military court systems: Can they still be justified in this age?
Delivered at the 18th Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association Triennial Conference, Brisbane, by Justice Logan.
10 Sep 2018

Executive intervention in judicial functions and judicial encroachment into executive functions - Defining the boundaries
Delivered at the National Conference on Development of the Underlying Law on Administrative Law, Port Moresby, by Justice Logan.
27 Nov 2017

The relationship between parliament, the judiciary and the executive ("the Latimer House principles")
Delivered at the 27th Commonwealth Parliamentary Seminar, Parliament House, Brisbane by Justice Logan.
09 Jun 2016

Statutory construction - Panel discussion presentation
Delivered at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Members Conference by Justice Logan.
23 May 2016

What now for Defence Force Discipline Appeals?
Delivered at the Joint Services Legal Panel (South-East-Queensland) Training Day by Justice Logan.
16 Apr 2016

Project co-chair’s remarks
Delivered by Justice Logan at the official opening by the Chief Justice of Queensland of "In freedom's cause - the Queensland legal profession and the great war" centenary exhibition and book launch
18 Feb 2016

Deductions - Revenue v capital - What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?
A Paper delivered at the Tax Institute’s 22nd National Tax Intensive Retreat, Sheraton Noosa Resort, Queensland.
06 Nov 2014

No island is an island unto itself - reflections on human rights and contemporary issues
Keynote address delivered at the Secretariat of the South Pacific, Pacific Regional Consultation for Judges on Human Rights and Contemporary Pacific Issues, Brisbane, Australia.
03 Jun 2013

A year in the life of an Australian member of the PNG judiciary
Paper delivered at the 18th Commonwealth Law Conference Stream C - Constitutionalism, Human Rights & the Rule of Law - "Lawyers on the Frontline", Cape Town South Africa.
15 Apr 2013

Mission accomplished? - a perspective on Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936
Presented by Justice Logan at the Tax Institute 2012, Queensland Corporate Tax Retreat.
06 Sep 2012

Mission accomplished? - a perspective on Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936
Presented by Justice Logan at the Tax Institute 2012, Queensland Corporate Tax Retreat.
06 Sep 2012

After dinner speech delivered at the Army Administrative Inquiries Cell Annual Conference Dinner
Presented by Justice Logan.
07 Jun 2012