PJDP toolkits


For over a decade, the Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) has supported a range of judicial and court development activities in partner courts across the Pacific. These activities have focused on regional judicial leadership meetings and networks, capacity-building and training, and pilot projects to address the local needs of courts in Pacific Island Countries (PICs).


Since mid-2013, PJDP has launched a collection of toolkits for the ongoing development of courts in the region. These toolkits aim to support partner courts to implement their development activities at the local level by providing information and practical guidance on what to do. The toolkits include:

These toolkits are designed to support change by promoting the local use, management, ownership and sustainability of judicial development in PICs across the region. By developing and making available these resources, PJDP aims to build local capacity to enable partner courts to address local needs and reduce reliance on external donor and adviser support.

Use and support

These toolkits are available on-line for the use of partner courts. We hope that partner courts will use these toolkits as/when required. Should you need any additional assistance, please contact us at: pjdp@fedcourt.gov.au.

Your feedback

We also invite partner courts to provide feedback and suggestions for continual improvement.

Downloading Toolkits

Please note: depending on the version of Microsoft Office that you are using, some graphics or diagrams in the toolkits may not be shown correctly when documents are opened in Word (.doc) format. For fixed versions of the toolkits and additional resources, please use the PDF versions.