Technical Pool

We constantly seek to identify a range of experts to form a ‘Technical Pool’ that will allow us to pre-select experienced individuals that may be called upon by the Program to provide technical and advisory support to our counterparts in the region.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Technical Pool we invite you to read through the introductory cover letter. If you feel that your experience and background are directly relevant to the Program and our proposed activities, please complete and return the expression of interest form along with your curriculum vitae.

Current Opportunities

There are no vacancies at present.

Previous Opportunities

Adviser positions that were previously advertised by the PJDP are listed below:

  • Project Support Officer
  • Bench Book Editor
  • Customary Dispute Resolution Research Adviser
  • Code of Judicial Conduct Expert
  • Judicial Administration Diagnostic Expert
  • Trainer of Judicial Trainers Provider
  • Judicial Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser
  • Institutionalisation of PJDP Adviser
  • Judicial and Court Officer Decision Making Training Expert
  • Judicial and Court Officer Orientation Training Expert
  • Judicial and Court Officer Orientation Training Lead Expert