2022 Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census - Entity Highlights Report

07 November 2022

The APS employee census is an annual survey which is used to collect confidential attitude and opinion information from APS employees on important issues in the workplace. Participation is voluntary.

The survey is sent to all APS employees and is an opportunity for employees to tell the Australian Public Service Commissioner and Agency heads what they think about working in the APS.

The Federal Court entity highlights report (PDF, 1.2 MB) provides a summary of our Employee Census results for 2022.

The Federal Court entity (which includes the Federal Court, Federal Circuit and Family Court and the National Native Title Tribunal) had a 33% response rate to the survey from employees.

The report highlights the areas of employee engagement, leadership, communication and change, workplace conditions, inclusion, enabling innovation, wellbeing policies and support, wellbeing, performance, retention, unacceptable behaviour and demographics.

We use the results to identify areas where we need to take action to improve outcomes.

More information about the census and other participants can be found on the APS Employee Census website external link.

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