Cross-Border Insolvency Practice Note

31 January 2020

The Cross-Border Insolvency Practice Note: Cooperation with Foreign Courts or Foreign Representatives (GPN-XBDR) replaces an identically named practice note issued on 25 October 2016. Part 2 of the revised practice note implements a model adopted by the Council of Chief Justices of Australia and New Zealand at its meeting on 22 October 2019 on advice of the Council’s Rules Harmonisation Committee. It provides guidance on sources of information about the cooperation appropriate between the Court and foreign courts or foreign representatives in relevant cross-border insolvency proceedings and, in particular, the Guidelines and Modalities published by the Judicial Insolvency Network. Parts 1, 3 and 4 of the practice note are unchanged from the previous version.

The Court welcomes feedback in relation to its practice notes. Please provide any feedback via email, addressed to the Judicial Registrar, Tuan Van Le, email address: including a short summary of important issues that you wish to bring to the Court's attention and your relevant contact details. The Court will consider all feedback and acknowledge receipt of all feedback provided.