Federal Court Scam Alert

29 May 2020

The Federal Court has been contacted by numerous people who have received phone calls and emails purportedly from the Federal Court, claiming the recipient has a matter before the Court and will be arrested if they don’t respond.

This communication has not been issued by the Court and is fraudulent.

If you receive a phone call where the caller claims to be from the Federal Court and threatens you with arrest, please hang up immediately and do not respond. If you do not hang up immediately, the scammers will escalate their intimidation and attempts to get your money or personal details.

If you receive an email, check the contents very carefully. Never click on attachments if you are unsure, as opening attachments or downloading the file could infect your computer with malware. Delete the item from your inbox and deleted items folder.

Don’t use contact details from the email itself. Verify the source by contacting the Court after finding our contact details through an independent source (e.g. internet search or phone directory).

You can report a scam via the Scamwatch website. You can also subscribe for email alerts on the latest scams.

Enquiries can be directed to 1300 720 980.