New and Revised Practice Notes

and subsequent amendments to other practice notes

16 February 2023

eBooks Practice Note (GPN-eBOOKS)

This practice note outlines the Court's requirements in respect of court books, appeal books and books of authorities, and other documents such as affidavits, which are proposed to be provided in electronic format (eBooks), including:

  • the Court's expectations of parties in complying with the practice note and providing or filing an eBook;
  • the formatting requirements of eBooks; and
  • special requirements for Court eBooks, eBooks of authorities and appeal eBooks.

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Content of Appeal Books and Preparation for Hearing (APP2) - Reissued

This practice note has been amended. The amendments delete material that is found in other sources and require appeal books to be prepared and filed in accordance with eBooks Practice Note (GPN-eBOOKS).

The intention is that in accordance with eBooks Practice Note (GPN-eBOOKS) appeal books will continue to be filed in electronic format. As a result, eBooks Practice Note (GPN-eBOOKS) provides that it is no longer necessary to file Part B of an appeal book and that Part C should include all material necessary for the Court to resolve every issue raised in the appeal.

It is intended to amend the Federal Court Rules 2011 to reflect the requirements of eBooks Practice Note (GPN-eBOOKS).

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