Joint Costs Advisory Committee

2022 Call for Submissions

18 July 2022

The  High Court of  Australia, Federal Court of Australia, Federal Circuit and Family Court of  Australia (Division 1) and Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia  (Division 2), through  the Joint Costs Advisory Committee (JCAC), inquire into, and make  recommendations on, any variations in the quantum of costs (including expenses  and fees for witnesses) allowable to legal practitioners which should be  contained in the scales of costs in the Rules of each of the respective courts.

JCAC's  members are Justice Harper of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia  (Division 1) (Chair); Philippa Lynch, Chief Executive and Principal Registrar  of the High Court of Australia; Scott Tredwell, General Counsel, Federal Court  of Australia; Virginia Wilson, Deputy Principal Registrar, Federal Circuit and Family  Court of Australia; and Amanda Morris, National Judicial Registrar, Judicial  and Registrar Case Management, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

JCAC  welcomes submissions from interested parties on changes to the quantum of costs  allowable to legal practitioners under each court's scale of costs.

Submissions  should be sent to: 

Deputy Principal Registrar
Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
PO Box 9991


Emails  should be marked to the attention of the Deputy Principal Registrar in the  title. It should be noted that all submissions may be made available to public  inspection.

Submissions  will be accepted until 23:59 AEST, 12 August 2022.

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