Federal Court New Filings Lists

13 May 2020

Update June 2020: With the restoration of most functionality within Federal Law Search, the new filings list has been discontinued

The current shutdown of the Federal Law Search section of the Commonwealth Courts Portal (CCP) has prevented non-parties from gaining access to information about Federal Court cases. The Court is working to have the CCP available again as soon as practicable.

In the meantime, we will be publishing a weekly list of new matters in the New Filings Lists section of our website.

The list of filings will include the following information:

  • Name of matter and file number;
  • Filing date;
  • Practice area: such as Administrative and Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Commercial and Corporations, Employment and Industrial Relations, Federal Crime and Related proceedings, Intellectual Property, Class Actions and Appeals.

This list will be uploaded to the Court’s website every Wednesday and replaced by a new one the following Wednesday. It is intended that this will continue until the CCP is available again.

Information on how to access Court Files (including Court documents) and Transcripts is available here.

If you wish to obtain information about unrestricted originating documents for a particular matter, please contact: