Have You Been Affected by the Bushfires?

17 January 2020

The Court recognises the devastating impact of the Australian bushfires and sends condolences to everyone impacted. Support from the Court is available if you have been affected by this disaster and need assistance in relation to a current or prospective matter before the Court.

For urgent assistance

If you have an urgent request for assistance, please see the Court’s guidance on how to make applications in urgent (duty) matters.

The relevant duty judge contacts are updated daily and may be found at this link.

For all other assistance

The Chief Justice has nominated a Judicial Registrar to act as the Court’s national bushfires relief coordinator. All non-urgent requests for support should therefore be directed to Judicial Registrar Van Le, whose contact details are as follows:

Phone: 03 8600 3343
Email: Tuan.VanLe@fedcourt.gov.au

The Court will keep a log of all requests for support that are received. Judicial Registrar Van Le will coordinate the Court’s response to all such requests, liaising with the Chief Justice, Judges and Registries as appropriate.