Practice Note CM 14

PA Keane, Chief Justice 01 August 2011

This Practice Note is REVOKED

On 25 October 2016, as part of the National Court Framework reforms, all existing practice documents were revoked and new national practice notes were issued, effective immediately.

To assist Court users to understand these practice note changes, the Court has prepared:

Usual undertaking as to damages

RTF version (15.9 kb)

The “usual undertaking as to damages” if given to the Court in relation to any interlocutory order made by it or any interlocutory undertaking given to it, is an undertaking:

(a)  to submit to such order (if any) as the Court may consider to be just for the payment of compensation, to be assessed by the Court or as it may direct, to any person, whether or not a party, adversely affected by the operation of the interlocutory order or undertaking or any continuation (with or without variation) thereof; and

(b)  to pay the compensation referred to in (a) to the person there referred to.


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