Changes to eLodgment

Relating to the national Practice Notes

28 November 2016

The Federal Court issued 26 new national Practice Notes on 25 October 2016. To support the introduction of the new practice notes a number of new forms have been developed and new types of documents identified in the practice notes, which may be required to be filed as part of Federal Court proceedings.

The Court’s eLodgment system has now been updated to allow these new forms and documents to be eLodged, using their correct titles, via eLodgment.

From Monday, 28 November 2016, the following new forms and documents set out below can be eLodged:

Title Relevant new national practice note Relevant practice note paragraph
Concise Statement (new form) • Central Practice Note (CPN-1)
• Commercial and Corporations Practice Note (C&C-1)
• Intellectual Property Practice Note (IP-1)
• 6.5 of CPN-1
• 5.3 of C&C-1
• 4.2 of IP-1
Trial Bundle Administrative and Constitutional Law and Human Rights Practice Note (ACLHR-1) 12.2
Outline of Case Administrative and Constitutional Law and Human Rights Practice Note (ACLHR-1) 6.5 & 12.1
Summary of Principal Issues Admiralty and Maritime Practice Note (A&M-1) 5.3
Agreed Statement for the Court Admiralty and Maritime Practice Note (A&M-1) 7.5
Agreed Statement of Issues Intellectual Property Practice Note (IP-1) 12.3
Joint Exhibit List • Intellectual Property Practice Note (IP-1)
• Taxation Practice Note (TAX-1)
• 12.4 of IP-1
• 9.2(d) of TAX-1
Agreed Glossary of Key Technical Terms Intellectual Property Practice Note (IP-1) 6.11
Agreed Statement or Table Intellectual Property Practice Note (IP-1) 6.17
Agreed Primer Intellectual Property Practice Note (IP-1) 6.8
Taxation Case Management Conference Documents Taxation Practice Note (TAX-1) 5.10
Preliminary Witness List Taxation Practice Note (TAX-1) 5.2
Tax Questionnaire (amended form) Taxation Practice Note (TAX-1) 3.8
Litigation Funding Agreement Disclosure Notice (new form) Class Actions Practice Note (GPN-CA) 6.4
Costs Summary (Affidavit) Costs Practice Note (GPN-COSTS) 4.5
Costs Response (Affidavit) Costs Practice Note (GPN-COSTS) 4.5
Request for Enforcement (new form) Enforcement, Endorsement and Contempt Practice Note (GPN-ENF) 3.1
Request for Leave to Issue a Subpoena (new form) Subpoenas and Notices to Produce Practice Note (GPN-SUBP) 2.5

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