Changes to eLodgment

Automatic Acceptance of Bankruptcy Creditors Petitions and Corporations Winding Up applications 

May 2017 - Update on auto-acceptance features

Some users have experienced problems using the auto-acceptance features for bankruptcy and winding-up matters. The feature has been turned off until the issue can be resolved. In the meantime, Registries will continue to process these matters manually and within the Court's standard processing timeframes.

If you require further information, please email Thankyou for your patience.

February 4, 2017 - Introducing automatic acceptance

The Federal Court of Australia has made changes to the eLodgment system. The primary objective for the changes is to facilitate the automatic acceptance of bankruptcy creditors petitions and corporations winding up applications. The changes capitalise on the Court’s eServices capability, to create value in a high volume process and to ensure effective and expeditious discharge of the business of the Court.

The changes to eLodgment in summary are:

1.  The introduction of an automatic-acceptance process for the following originating application document types:

a. Federal Court of Australia forms:

  • Creditors petition: Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016 – Form B6 – Rule 4.02
  • Corporations, Winding Up: FCA Originating process: Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000 – Form 2 – Rule 2.2.

b. Federal Circuit Court forms:

  • FCC Creditors petition: - Federal Circuit Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016 Form B6 – Rule 4.02

2.  Ability to add a sequence number to parties (this will affect how the File Title appears on your stamped documents)

3.  A system generated File Title. The File Title is auto generated based on the sequence of the parties, therefore it is important to sequence appropriately as the File Title will be stamped on your documents. 

4.  Ability to view available hearing dates within an appropriate window, and then select a preference.

5.  Automated system notifications for these applications will now have related guides attached.

Practitioners and regular users of the eLodgment system are invited to review the below Summary of eLodgment Changes presentation, Question and Answer handout and a two-part series of demonstrations of the eLodgment changes.

For further information please contact your local Registry.


Guides to the Changes 

ppt Summary of eLodgment changes (ppt - 16mb)

MS Word Questions and Answers (docx - 8kb)