New Practice Note: Federal Crime and Related Proceedings

15 May 2017

Following the commencement of the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016 (Cth) on 10 November 2016, the Court has developed a new practice note for the Federal Crime and Related Proceedings National Practice Area (NPA).  The new national Federal Crime and Related Proceedings Practice Note (CRIME-1) was issued and takes effect from today, Monday, 15 May 2017

The Federal Crime and Related Proceedings NPA is one of the nine NPAs forming the National Court Framework (NCF).  Similarly to the other new national practice notes that were issued by the Court on 25 October 2016, this practice note has been finalised following consultation with key legal professional bodies. 

Further information about the Court’s criminal and related jurisdiction, access to the new practice note CRIME-1 and legislation is available on this NPA’s homepage.   As part of the introduction of the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016 new approved forms are available.  At this stage, these new forms are not supported by eLodgment. If you wish to file any forms under these Rules, please email

If you have any questions about this practice note or the process please contact your local registry or email