Draft Practice Notes and Consultation

Practice Notes and the NCF

The Federal Court is in the process of its implementation of the National Court Framework (NCF). This website has a summary of the NCF reforms, including a description of the eight National Practice Areas (NPAs).

The key purpose of the NCF is to reinvigorate its approach to case management by further modernising the Court's operations so that the Court is better placed to meet the demands of litigants, nationally and internationally.

A key component of this reform is the review of the Court's practice documents to ensure nationally consistent and simplified practice. Currently, the Court has approximately 60 practice documents governing how it operates, however it is expected that under the NCF there will no longer be administrative State-based notices and practice documents will be refined to no more than 25 – 30 documents.

The Court has conducted public consultation exercises to seek feedback from the profession on the draft Central Practice Note, draft National Practice Area (NPA) Practice Notes and draft Class Actions Practice Note.

Draft Practice Notes

Note: The following Practice Notes are for consultation purposes only. They have not been issued. The links referred to within each Practice Note will be inserted upon each of the Practice Notes.

All Practice Notes combined (109 pages 740 kb)

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