The Hon Neil Walter McKERRACHER

Judge, Federal Court of Australia 15.10.2007
Location: Perth

Neil McKerracher QC was appointed to the Federal Court on 15 October 2007.

His Honour generally practised in commercial and civil disputes until his appointment to the Bench. He took silk in 1997. He was actively involved in several professional bodies and served for 15 years as a Director, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of WA Bar Chambers Ltd. He also served as an acting Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission (the CCC), a Senior Sessional Member of the State Administrative Tribunal and as a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He has chaired a number of educational and sporting institutions.

Associateship applications

Justice McKerracher has filled his 2019 associate position and will be advertising for his 2020 associate position in or around March/April 2019. 

General information about associate positions can be found in the Employment pages of the website.

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